Year of Establishment: 1962
Address: T. M. Bhagalpur University,


This department runs under the Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University and affiliated by AICTE and Govt. of Bihar.

Computer Centre come into existence in T.M.B.U, Bhagalpur in 1988 under financial grant by the UGC vide letter no. F60-22/86(T) dated February 20 1986. It is placed in east of the Eastern gate of T.N.B. College Campus.

The centre was set up with the objective of providing computer facilities to the teachers, research scholars and students as well as for teaching and training facilities to the desirous students, working staff of the university for the purpose of spreading computer literacy and staff of the university for the purpose of spreading computer literacy and applications. Over the years, the centre matured as nodal centre for spreading the computer training and education in the developing district of Bhagalpur.



After an initial survey of demands for studies in the field of information technology, the university in yearly 2002 decided to start MCA course in the Computer Centre, consequently, a 3 years regular course of MCA was started during 2002 with the infrastructure of the University Computer Centre and was named "MCA Study Centre". Later on this study centre was converted in a regular post graduate department named as "University Department of Computer Applications". Presently this department is conducting the MCA course. After getting no objection certificate from the Department of science and technology and Government of Bihar, the University approached the AICTE, New Delhi for approval of this course. After inspection the infrastructure of department, the AICTE accorded its approval in 2004 vide its letter No. PG/MCA/BIH/2004/04 Dated 11/0502004 to conduct the course. In the year 2005,the AICTE visiting committee re-inspected the department and extended its approval vide its letter no.06/03/BIH/MCA/006 dated 19/07/2005.