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Year of Establishment: 1965
Address: Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University,
Contact No.: 0641-2501722
Built Up Area: Main building: 9380 sq. ft.
Level Of Study: M. Sc. (Previous & Final)
Ph. D.
Sanctioned strength of students: 40 (General) + 2 (BPL) = 42



  • Respiratory and Circulatory Physiology of Fish
  • Assessment of Freshwater Environment
  • Physiology of Fish
  • Endocrine and Reproduction in Fish
  • Diseases of Fish, their Prevention and Control
  • Environmental Mutagenesis
  • Population Genetics
  • Karyosystematics of Fishes

ABOUT THE DEPARTMENT: The Department was established in 1965, under headship of Dr. V.Sinha under the leadership of Prof J.S Datta Munshi and nurtured by succeeding HOD, Dr.S.P Sinha, Dr.J.Ojha,Dr. J.N Singh and Dr. S.P.Roy received a reputation as centre of excellence by UGC. A modern and thorough knowledge of Zoology is imparted to M.Sc students along with four specialization, which is at par to many central University. Researches are being carried out in different fields morpho-anatomy, Toxicology, Biochemistry, Ecology, reproductive biology, Cytogenetics and Karyo-systematics effect of herbal products on reproductive physiology, hematology and genotoxicity  etc. Every year some students qualify in the NET/JRF exam.& work as Research scholar in the department. Students of this department are working in different institutes/department in different capacities.

FACILITIES: Laboratories with research microscopes, fluorescence ,microscope, spectrophotometer, electrophoresis, incubators, bomb calorimeter, Single cell ,gel electrophoresis, Museum, pond and tanks.