Pro-Vice-Chancellor’s Profile
Prof. (Dr.) A.K. Roy
Mob: 09431204572
Ph.No.: 0641-2620094 , 2620771(R)
Fax No.: 0641- 2620240


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Awadh Kishore Roy, Pro-Vice Chancellor (TMBU), Professor of Botany and Director, Bioinformatics Centre, T. M. Bhagalpur University, has obtained B.Sc., M. Sc. and Ph.D. degree from this University.

He has been actively engaged in teaching and research work for more than three decades. More than 125 original research papers (Citation Index-605) in reputed Indian and Foreign journals (Impact Factor-.09-5.3) about two dozen review articles and 10 book chapters on different topics related to Microbiology and Plant Pathology are in his credit. The main thrust area of his work is on i) Diseases of medicinal plants and biodeteoriation of plant drugs under storage (ii) Mycotoxins (iii) Mycorrhizae-Biofertilizer. He has prepared comprehensive list of fungi which are responsible for spoilage of fruits, vegetables and seeds at pre- &post harvest stages. He has carried out in depth studies on the biochemical changes induced in fruits and seeds under pathogenesis. Prof. Roy has also studied the qualitative and quantitative losses in active principles of the seeds, fruits and other parts of medicinal plants due to fungal association. His contributions on bio-deterioration of medicinally active principles & elaboration of mycotoxins in crude drugs under storage, and also the strategy to control their quality are new approaches in the field of Bio-medical research. He has also published several books.

His recent contributions on “Mycorrhizal technology for land use management” have also been well recognized. He has isolated, identified and listed indigenous VAM fungi for mass inocula production and their application for the development of biofertilizer package along with nitrogen fixing bacteria.

Prof. Roy has presented his research findings at different scientific seminars, symposia and congress of National & International levels. He was invited to chair one of the scientific sessions on “Post harvest handling of tropical fruits” in Thailand (1993). He has also been invited as an expert to deliver special lectures on Methods of crude drug analysis, Bio-deterioration of herbal drugs & drug plants in Germany (1990), Indonesia (1991) and on quality of Antidiabetic medicines in Sri Lanka, (1997).

He is the fellow and the member of different organizations like Indian Phytopath. Society, Indian Botanical Society, Indian Ethno botanical Society, Indian Mycological Society, Congress of Medicinal Plant Research, Netherlands etc. Prof. Roy has successfully completed several Research Projects (More than 15) sanctioned by ICAR, CSIR, UGC DBT, DST and Ministry of Coal as Principal Investigator. More than two dozen students have been awarded Ph. D. degree under his supervision.

He has been awarded “Prof. Y.S. Murty Gold Medal” by the Indian Botanical Society in 1989 and Jeersanidhi Lecture Award by Ind. Phytopatho. Soc of 2002,Best Teacher Award TM Bhagalpur University, 2009; Prof. S. R. Bose Memorial Lecture Award and E J Butler Memorial Award, IMS, Kol.2009 in recognition to his contributions in the field of Bio- medical research and Post harvest Plant Pathology. He has been conferred with D.Sc. degree (HC) by OIUCM, Sri Lanka in Nov. 1997.

He has been associated with several Universities as a Member of Exam Boards, Research Council and other academic activities. He has also worked as a leaned Member of Taskforce of DBT and also holding important Position in different Research Organizations. Presently he is member of several Statutory and Non statutory Committee of the University